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Major Shareholders

At 2nd August 2018

Total number of shares in issue 170,652,802. The number of shares not in public hands on 2nd August 2018 was 79,752,581 representing 46.73% of the issued share capital at that date.

Significant shareholders

The identity and percentage holdings of the Company’s significant shareholders are set out in the table below:

  Shares Held%
Kestrel Partners LLP21,932,74612.85%
Erin Finance and Invest Limited*21,630,38212.68%
Living Bridge VC LLP13,427,5717.87%
Schroders Plc 11,100,8676.5%
Chelverton Asset Management10,384,6156.09%
Herald Investment Management Limited8,909,6155.22%
Miton Asset Management Ltd 6,435,9033.77%
Cavendish Asset Management Ltd6,220,1243.64%
Jabella Group Limited**4,216,738
NatWest FIS Nominees***3,699,000


Directors’ shareholdings

As at 2nd August 2018, the interests of the Directors (including Directors who were appointed during the year and those who retired), including persons connected with the Directors within the meaning of section 252 of the Companies Act 2006, in the issued share capital of the Company are as follows:

 Ordinary Shares%
Erin Invest & Finance Ltd*21,630,38212.68%
Jabella Group Ltd**4,216,7382.47%
Natwest FIS Nominees***3,699,0002.17%
Don Baladasan159,455 0.09%
Iain McDonald ****107,653 0.06%
* The beneficial holder of Erin and Natwest FIS Nominee Limited is the father of Samuel Dayani, a Director of the Company
** Jabellla Group Limited is a BVI company owned inter alia, by Erin.
*** 4,216,738 Ordinary Shares are held by Jabella Group Limited in which Natwest FIS Nominee Limited has a 8.30 per cent interest and Erin Invest & Finance Ltd has a 53.30 per cent interest
**** Iain McDonald has an interest, held through a contract for difference, in 107,653 ordinary shares in the Company.