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Investment Case

CentralNic’s Online Marketing Business Model

Why invest in CentralNic?

CentralNic helps Online Consumers make informed choices.

CentralNic’s Markets

  • Online Marketing – using advertorial review websites to create informed online consumer journeys which drive traffic to CentralNic’s ecommerce partners, utilising its leading online privacy-safe AI offering, with none of its marketing platforms using third-party cookies.  
  • Online Presencea critical constituent of the global online presence and productivity tool eco system, where we serve as the primary distribution channel for a wide range of digital products.   
  • Quality earnings: Subscription recurring revenues in Online Presence and revenue share on rolling utility-style contracts in Online Marketing. 
  • Growth Market: Online Marketing market growth at 20+% even during economic downturns. 

CentralNic Competitive Position

  • See our FY22 Annual Reporthere– Continued positive trading momentum, with record revenue and EBITDA for FY2022 
  • Organic growth superstar  60% Group organic growth for FY2022 
  • Highly profitable  $86.0M of adjusted EBITDA in FY2022 
  • Strong cash conversion – 110% in FY 2022 
  • De-levered  Net debt < 1X FY22 EBITDA 
  • Proven business model – revenue CAGR of 78% since IPO in 2013 
  • Scalable Technology – provide sustainable competitive advantage 
  • Global consolidator – global business with successful acquisition strategy in highly fragmented market 
  • Experienced and entrepreneurial management team – Industry expert Michael Riedl promoted to group CEO in December 2022 from previous role of Group CFO 
  • Privacy-safe – proprietary AI and big data solutions a superior alternative to cookie