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Bond Documents

Please find below copies of all our bond documents. Click the relevant PDF button to download and view documents (PDFs open in a new window).

Document TitleDate AddedSizeDownload
Interim Accounts June 202230/08/2022325KB
Interest Adjustment30/06/202248KB
Interim Accounts March 202223/05/2022440KB
Annual Report and Accounts 202104/04/20222.9MB
Interest Adjustment31/03/202248KB
Unaudited Preliminary Results Full Year 202128/02/2022448KB
Interest Adjustment30/12/202199KB
Interim Accounts September 202122/11/2021408KB
Interest Adjustment30/09/202199KB
Interim Accounts June 202131/08/20211.1MB
Interest Adjustment01/07/202199KB
Interim Accounts March 202101/06/20211.1MB
Annual Report and Accounts 202026/04/20211.1MB
Interest Adjustment31/03/202199KB
Unaudited Preliminary Results Full Year 202001/03/20211MB
CNIC Tap Issue Investor Presentation09/02/20212MB
Successful tap issue under existing senior secured callable bonds09/02/2021592KB
Fixed Income Investor Meetings08/02/2021590KB
Notice from Bondholders' Meeting29/01/2021188KB
Summons to Bondholders' Meeting15/01/2021286KB
Bondholder Meeting15/01/2021665KB
Interest Adjustment30/12/202099KB
Interim Accounts September 202030/11/202026MB
Interest Adjustment01/10/202099KB
Interest Adjustment01/07/2020101KB
Q1 2020 Highlights29/05/2020128KB
Annual Report and Accounts 201930/04/20204MB
Interest Adjustment01/04/2020101KB
Prospectus Summary 202031/01/2020615KB
Prospectus 202031/01/20207.3MB
Prospectus 2020 Part 2 31/01/202011.6MB
Prospectus 2020 Part 331/01/202012MB
Approval of prospectus and listing of additional bonds30/01/2020154KB
Interest Adjustment02/01/2020100KB
Q3 2019 Highlights29/11/2019207KB
Interim Accounts June 201928/10/2019737KB
Interest Adjustment01/10/2019100KB
Prospectus 201925/09/201921MB
Prospectus 2018 25/09/20193MB
Prospectus 2018 Part 225/09/20195MB
Prospectus 2018 Part 325/09/20196MB
Prospectus 2018 Part 425/09/20193MB
Prospectus 2018 Part 525/09/20192MB
Articles of Incorporation25/09/20192MB