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Constitutional Documents & Circulars

Please find below copies of all our constitutional documents & circular announcements. Click the relevant PDF button to download and view documents (PDFs open in a new window).

Document TitleDate AddedSizeDownload
Notice of Annual General Meeting 201924/05/2019301KB
Form of Proxy 201924/05/2019115KB
Form of Proxy 2018 [Updated]20/07/201850KB
Form of Proxy 2018 Letter20/07/201860KB
AIM Admission Document16/07/20182MB
Notice of Annual General Meeting 201831/05/2018136KB
Form of Proxy 201831/05/201848KB
Notice of Annual General Meeting 201709/05/2017131KB
Form of Proxy 201709/05/201744KB
Notice of Annual General Meeting 201625/05/2016146KB
Form of Proxy 201625/05/201649KB
Acquisition of Instra Group and Notice of General Meeting08/12/2015557KB
Appointment of Chairman15/09/2015384KB
Notice of Annual General Meeting 201518/05/2015138KB
Form of Proxy 201518/05/201548KB
Notice of Intention to Invest18/09/2014183KB
Result of Annual General Meeting11/06/201445KB
Notice of Annual General Meeting19/05/2014132KB
Form of Proxy19/05/201447KB
Admission Document02/09/20131.5MB
Articles of Association14/08/2013293KB