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Investment Case

Recurring Revenues Strong cash generation - services paid for in advance Quality earnings - subscription products with high-level of recurring revenues Delivery - strong revenue and profit growth since IPO Recurring revenues Buy & Build strategy Consolidator in highly fragmented and fast growing global domain name and web presence industry Strong track record of driving value through successful integrations Sustainable growth - businesses moving online in emerging markets Proven management, invested and ambitious Buy & build strategy Strong Economies of Scale Sizable global market estimated to be worth $30 billion with a CAGR of 3% Highly scalable - fixed cost platform-based businesses Ambition to build a group the scale of leading US and German players (Verisign revenue: $1.14bn; GoDaddy revenue $1.8bn; United Internet revenue €4bn) Strong economies of scale Group Locations United Kingdom (London) 1 Australia (Melbourne / Sydney) 2 Canada (Richmond) 3 Germany (Bonn / Homburg / Munich / St. Ingbert) 4 Luxembourg (Luxembourg) 5 New Zealand (Napier) 6 Slovakia (Bratislava) 7 U.S.A (Washington DC) 8 CentralNic locations

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Why invest in CentralNic?

CentralNic supplies the tools for businesses to get online: domain names, hosting, websites, email, website security and brand protection services.


  • Total addressable market: $22 – 30 bn*;
  • Strong cash conversion – services are paid in advance;
  • Quality earnings – subscription services with recurring revenues;
  • Organic growth: 2% (mature markets) to 10% (developing markets).


(*) William Blair equity research on GDDY, 5 October 2017.


  • Mid-sized consolidator in a highly fragmented and fast growing global domain name industry
  • Highly scalable – largely fixed cost base
  • Sustained growth – driven by business moving online in emerging markets, as well as disruptive activity led by CentralNic
  • Proven, invested,experienced and ambitious management
  • Strong track record of revenue and profit growth since IPO
  • Drive to build a group with valuation of $1bn