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Founded in 1996, CentralNic has in the past seven years increased in size fifteen-fold from a small, specialist tech company to a leading global force in the domain and web services industry. As such CentralNic is a virtually pure play recurring revenue business with cash conversion of over 100%, a healthy pipeline of earnings accretive acquisitions, and a proven track record of successfully acquiring and integrating companies all over the world.

After 15 years of gradually building out a fully automated global distribution, billing and cash collection platform for domain names, CentralNic partnered with the companies that were to become the world’s most successful new Top-Level Domain registries. CentralNic rapidly became the dominant distribution platform for these new TLDs, with over 30% market share by volume. Today domains that exclusively use CentralNic’s distribution platform include generics like .xyz, .online and .icu, “dotindustries” like .bar, .design and .art, and “dotbrands” like .deloitte, .bmw and .stc.

In 2013, CentralNic IPO-ed on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange, giving the company its first access to the capital markets, allowing CentralNic the access to capital required to fulfil its vision (inspired by the growth of companies like GoDaddy and Verisign) of building a global leader in the domain and web services industry via a roll up strategy that leveraged its inside knowledge of the hundreds of small companies around the world that had historically made up the industry.

CentralNic’s first acquisitions were the retail registrars Internet.BS and Instra Group – companies that had long track records of selling domain name subscriptions to small businesses. With tens of thousands of loyal customers in almost every country in the world, these businesses dramatically increased CentralNic’s core revenue stream of renewal payments from companies paying their annual fees to retain use of the services their businesses depend on – functioning email and websites.

Having achieved and held the leading position in distributing new TLD domains, CentralNic broadened its operations and developed a specialist practice focused on country code domains, which it views as a crucial foundation for building a better global digital economy.

As part of this strategy, in December 2017 CentralNic completed its purchase of SK-NIC, the exclusive manager of the Slovakian country code domain extension .SK. .SK is by far the most popular domain extension in Slovakia as it indicates to consumers and search engines that a website ending in .SK is in the Slovak language and is a local business in Slovakia.

CentralNic achieved another milestone when it acquired KeyDrive in a reverse acquisition in August 2018. The KeyDrive acquisition made CentralNic the only company with a competitive platform for each of the four main DOMAIN customer types. In addition to CentralNic’s Registry and Retail platform businesses, KeyDrive added world class platforms from domain name resellers and for corporate clients.

Following swiftly, in September 2018, came the acquisition of GlobeHosting a registrar and retailer of domain names and SSL certificates, and a hosting provider servicing principally the Romanian and Brazilian markets.

The next big step in CentralNic’s efforts to further strengthen its position in the domain name industry was taken in July and August 2019 with the acquisition of reseller platforms HEXONET/1API (with 3.2m domains under management) and TPP Wholeasale (the market leader in Australasia) – making CentralNic the leading challenger in the global reseller platform market. These were supplemented by the acquisition of Ideegeo, owners of the leading retail exponent of customer-oriented design in the domain industry.

CentralNic founded in 1996

September 2013

Listed on AIM

December 2013

Acquired DomiNic Software (Germany)

June 2014

Acquired (Bahamas)

September 2014

Acquired 10% Accent Media Ltd (UK)

July 2015

Acquired dnsXperts (Germany)

January 2016

Acquired Instra (Australia / New Zealand)

December 2017

Acquired SK-NIC (Slovakia)

August 2018

Acquired KeyDrive Group (Luxembourg / Germany)

September 2018

Acquired GlobeHosting Inc. (USA)

July 2019

Acquired TPP Wholesale (Australia)

August 2019

Acquired HEXONET (Germany / Canada)

August 2019

Acquired Ideegeo (New Zealand)