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Business Overview

Financial Highlights H1 2019

Business overview

CentralNic (AIM: CNIC) is the developer and operator of software platforms providing web presence services to customers in almost every country in the world. CentralNic is a leading provider of tools required to create websites, use email, and secure business online. Headquartered in London, the Group generates revenue and income from the worldwide sale of internet domain names and hosting on an annual subscription basis.

Core business CentralNic supplied approximately 17.5 million domain names as at June 30 2019 over its proprietary software platforms to three customer groups.

Resellers Over 20,000 customers Includes some of the largest domain retailers in the world
Corporates Circa 750 customers Global companies with up to 50,000 domain names to protect their brands
Small Businesses Over 350,000 customers Businesses in almost every country of the world requiring domain names for websites and email

CentralNic charges on a per domain name basis, with prices and margins differing depending on the domain name sold and on the customer type. Customer concentration is low with the largest customers representing only 6% of revenues.

Standalone Service – SK-NIC, Operator of .SK, the Country Code TLD for Slovakia Acquired by CentralNic in late 2017, the SK-NIC business manages the exclusive ccTLD for Slovakia, .sk. This is a standalone business in Bratislava using CentralNic’s core domain registry platforms. The service provides c.389,000 domain names ending in .sk to 2,300 local retailers in Slovakia.